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Contribution Challenge

by Eddie Ozeta

Hello friends and supporters,

As you know I am running for 4th District Supervisor for Santa Barbara County. We’ve come a long way since this campaign started and I have to thank you for your support. We’ve gained a lot of followers , a lot of attention, by the media, and most importantly, the constituents of the 4th district. My stance of no-nonsense, common sense, conservative government is resonating with the people of Santa Barbara County and is sorely needed if we want to grow as a community and as a County.

However, I can’t bring the servant leadership our district needs without your help. We have a challenge ahead of us. Primaries are quickly approaching and the incumbent has and will use his deep pockets to stay in his seat at the Board of Supervisors and continue to deny the positive changes we very much want and need. I am asking you today to take the challenge and contribute to my campaign so that we can deliver a message. A message to the Board, to the media, to interest groups, and to the County. Join us in making the 4th district better or get left behind.

Challenge and send the message to your friends by clicking the link below and contributing $20 today. As more people contribute, the better chance we stand at winning the primary. I also know the value of a hard earned dollar, something that cannot be said about my competitor. I will work hard for every dollar and make sure every dollar is put to hard work. Together, with your action, we can make the 4th district and the County strong again.

Take the challenge. Contribute now.

Contribute Now

Ozeta hopes to unseat 4th District Supervisor Peter Adam

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Article in Santa Maria Times about my candidacy. Get involved, this is an election about doing things better, but most importantly, it’s about leadership for the 4th district!
“I don’t want to talk poorly about anybody, but there’s a lot of issues that I think could have been handled differently, and since I think outside the box a lot, that’s why I decided to run.”

Click here to see the Santa Maria Times article